Denora Stats Commands

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The Sinner's Priest ;-]
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Denora Stats Commands

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Denora has a pseudo client, which is usually named StatServ.
StatServ accepts both public and private commands.
- For public commands, the StatServ bot must be in the channel. To add a channel, see the CHANSTATS ADD private command
- For private commands: most private commands are reserved to Stats Admins only. You need to be an identified IRC Operator and LOGIN to StatServ to use those commands.

Public commands
!top10 : The top 10 users of the current channel
!top : The top 3 users of the current channel
!gtop10 : The top 10 users of the whole networ
!gtop : The top 3 users of the whole network
!stats : User stats for the channel
!gstats : User stats for the network
!peak : User peak for the current channel
Private commands

Usage: /msg StatServ COMMAND [parameters]

Commands for everyone:
STATS Show status of network
LOGIN Makes you a Stats Administrator
LOGOUT Logout from your admin account
Commands for Stats Administrators:
ADMIN Manage Stats Admins
CHANSTATS Manage Monitored Channels for Stats
ENVINFO Show environment information
EXCLUDE Exclude users from chanstats
EXPORT Export data to XML
HTML Forces to create the HTML file
MODLOAD Load a module
MODUNLOAD Un-Load a module
MODLIST List loaded modules
MODINFO Info about a loaded module
RESTART Causes Denora to restart
RELOAD Causes Denora to reload the configuration file
SET Set various run time options
SHUTDOWN Terminate the Stats program with save

Some commands may require one or more parameters.
For more information about a command,
type /msg StatServ HELP COMMAND
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